Baseball is a global game, the world just doesn’t know it yet. This is Gusata’s mission: shine the spotlight on baseball stories that happen behind the scenes and around the world. The human stories of baseball make each inning, team, league one of a kind and Gusata is home to them all. 

Featuring insight into international baseball leagues and clubs with commentary designed to spark discussion, the first site devoted to worldwide major and minor league clubs has arrived. Growing the game starts with those within it and that’s why we’re here, to give baseball fans the coverage they’re missing. Baseball already reaches across countries and continents; it’s time we brought it together.

Gusata’s readers can focus on news by region or by league to keep up to date, and newer baseball fans can learn more about the game as a whole with the Explainer Series. Ever wonder who the Rakuten Monkeys are or how a pitcher’s earned run average is calculated? We have answers for fans wanting to dive deeper into the world of baseball. We have an ever-growing catalog of baseball resources available for all fans, regardless of experience or affiliation. Our goal will always be to bring the spirit of baseball to all who are looking for it.

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