Thursday, August 5, 2021


The Unlikely Success of Don Mattingly’s Miami Marlins

Miami’s surprising season has proven Don Mattingly to be the right antidote for a PR nightmare that wouldn’t die, until it did. His commitment to old-school management and a rock steady demeanour dug the team out of Major League Baseball’s doghouse, not to mention the NL East basement. Back to work with a ragtag roster, the Marlins squad has shown resilience on and off the field.

Finding the Hot Hand: Defensive Sabermetrics for the Shortened Season

New strategies are already in place for lineups on the offensive side, now that both leagues have a designated hitter. On the defensive side, though, the strategy is less clear. Read on as we take a look at the sabermetric tools that could impact the 2020 MLB season strategy on defense.

0 to 60: Key MLB Matchups for a Sprint Season

July 23rd marks the start of a blistering 60-game 2020 MLB season. We give you the key matchups you need to keep a lookout for.

In or Out: MLB players who are sitting out the 2020 season

One by one, players are opting out of the 2020 MLB season. We take look at the players who have opted out and some that may still opt out of the upcoming shortened season.

Back and Better Than Ever: Careers that Took Off Post-Surgery

UCL injuries were once career-ending, but with Tommy John surgery many have returned to the game. We look at exceptional players who had, or continue to experience, excellent careers after the procedure.

Cheering for the clothes: MLB’s most iconic uniforms

MLB's Most Iconic Uniforms
Jerry Seinfeld once said that sports fans don’t actually hinge their allegiances on the players from their favorite teams but will support whoever wears the uniform. We look at the most iconic uniforms in MLB history.

Boras Pushes Baseball Forward and Doesn’t Care if You Like It

Scott Boras - Baseball's Kingpin
Scott Boras is the second most influential sports agent in the world. He has steadily gained more power within baseball over the years. His method unapologetically makes talented players rich, rich players richer, and forces the league to reckon with exploitable policies. Read on as we delve into the world of Scott Boras.

The 2020 Major League Baseball Season is Under Siege

2020 MLB Season under siege
With time running out on the 2020 MLB season, something has got to give. With sponsorship fallouts, players requested to surrender their "guaranteed" salaries, and Rob Manfred incapable of relating to the players; it appears inevitable the league is leaning towards the first MLB strike since 1994.

Coronavirus Face Masks: We take a look at all 30 MLB Team Face Masks

MLB Face Masks
A face mask is a must-have if you need to venture outside of your front door during the pandemic. We’ve teamed up with Fanatics to connect readers with the best selection of officially licensed MLB coronavirus facemasks. Read more to view the awesome designs!

The Tragic Story of Jung-Ho Kang

Jung-Ho Kang
From high school baseball success, then achieving the dream of making it to Major League Baseball, and finally losing everything due to foolish drunkenness. We take a look at the tragic case of Jung-Ho Kang.