Monday, January 17, 2022


Cheering for the clothes: MLB’s most iconic uniforms

MLB's Most Iconic Uniforms
Jerry Seinfeld once said that sports fans don’t actually hinge their allegiances on the players from their favorite teams but will support whoever wears the uniform. We look at the most iconic uniforms in MLB history.

The Unlikely Success of Don Mattingly’s Miami Marlins

Miami’s surprising season has proven Don Mattingly to be the right antidote for a PR nightmare that wouldn’t die, until it did. His commitment to old-school management and a rock steady demeanour dug the team out of Major League Baseball’s doghouse, not to mention the NL East basement. Back to work with a ragtag roster, the Marlins squad has shown resilience on and off the field.

Back and Better Than Ever: Careers that Took Off Post-Surgery

UCL injuries were once career-ending, but with Tommy John surgery many have returned to the game. We look at exceptional players who had, or continue to experience, excellent careers after the procedure.

How MLB can be better – for fans and for players

Hot dog at MLB
From MLB broadcasting rights and the cost of going to a game, to in-game chatter and cheating, we take a look at how MLB can be better for both the fans and the players.

The Tragic Story of Jung-Ho Kang

Jung-Ho Kang
From high school baseball success, then achieving the dream of making it to Major League Baseball, and finally losing everything due to foolish drunkenness. We take a look at the tragic case of Jung-Ho Kang.

15 MLB Ballparks and their Weird Quirks

15 MLB Ballparks & their weird quirks
Unique ballpark design has been a part of baseball since its inception. Every single one has its own quirks and design features which make it unique. We look at the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly in MLB ballparks.

The Astros Will Reckon with Sign Stealing Backlash Eventually

Houston Astros -The scandal has not been forgotten
With the news that Lebron James' media company will be producing a docuseries on the Houston Astros cheating scandal, we take a deep dive into the scandal.

Why the Angels are Perpetual Losers

Why the Angels are perpetual losers
Over the last ten seasons, otherwise known as the Trout Era, the Los Angeles Angels have underperformed. We take a look at the high-profile signings who haven't performed, the farm system woes, and the outlook for Angels in 2021.

How the Padres are Upsetting the West

The Padres, who finished last in the NL West last season, are putting together a potential playoff run in a division full of contenders with a team that’s a little bit of patchwork and a little bit of raw talent. They shouldn’t be as good as they are, but as the 2020 season progresses it looks like San Diego has something to cheer about. Let’s talk about how they’re doing it.

Boras Pushes Baseball Forward and Doesn’t Care if You Like It

Scott Boras - Baseball's Kingpin
Scott Boras is the second most influential sports agent in the world. He has steadily gained more power within baseball over the years. His method unapologetically makes talented players rich, rich players richer, and forces the league to reckon with exploitable policies. Read on as we delve into the world of Scott Boras.