Monday, January 17, 2022

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Serie del Caribe: The Caribbean Series 101

Tomateros de Culiacán - Winners of the Mexican Pacific League
The highly anticipated 2021 Caribbean Series is in full swing! The highly prestigious 70-year-old tournament has been a platform where Latin American baseball players consistently rise to the occasion to compete for the Serie del Caribe. The tournament has put Latin American baseball on the map and advanced baseball around the world while making a significant footprint on the Hispanic population in the United States. The article addresses the launch of ESPN Deportes, what you should know about the Caribbean Series history, and which well-known major league players are featured in the tournament. Read on to explore the ins and outs of the Caribbean Series.

Australian Baseball Attracting Attention: The Latest Headlines and Statistics

Baseball continues in the Land Down Under! The Australian Baseball League is well underway, where teams are battling for playoff positioning. While the Sydney Blue Sox have been stopped in their tracks, Delmon Young thrives, and Australian baseball is flourishing. With the unexpected circumstances, the ABL has remained flexible and has announced a postseason format like any other. Tune in to learn more!

World Baseball Signings: Past and Present

Ha-Seong Kim signing for the Padres
Every year, roughly 1,000 baseball players enter the international signing period to have their opportunity to play in the MLB. Over the years, there have been significant international signings of foreign baseball players and Major League Baseball. In this article, we discuss the international signing rules, recap past notable signings, and analyze which foreign players will have the next exceptional impact on MLB.

The Pursuit and Advancement of Indian Baseball

The history of baseball in India may not be extensive, though cricket has long been entrenched as its most widespread sport. What is the difference between cricket and baseball? What are Major League Baseball's plans to spread baseball in India? Read on as we discuss India as the ensuing market for baseball's growth.

The Advancement of European Baseball

While there are cultural reasons why European baseball isn't more mainstream, the Honkbal Hoofdklasse and Italian Baseball League are paving the way for the advancement of European baseball.

Australia’s Influence on Major League Baseball

Australia's influence on MLB
Whether you knew it or not, the Australian Baseball League has produced gifted baseball players creating noise across Major League Baseball. We take a look at Australia’s own baseball league and the influence it has had on MLB.

A Brief Guide to Mexican Baseball

Historians have placed the origin of Mexican baseball back to the 1840s, but the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, also known as the LMB, hadn't emerged until 1925. Read our brief guide to Mexican Baseball to learn more.